Getting Old

Nobody “likes” getting old. It is often a painful realisation that you don’t look the same, can’t do the same things, have different needs etc etc. Some parts of it are great actually, kids for example. But getting older can be tough on the self esteem. Especially when you are surrounded by youth.
In the music biz age has always been a factor, the business is very youth driven and especially in the world of electronic music right at this moment there is a huge movement of young people coming into techno. Along with social media this means it’s all about image. Although to be honest it has ALWAYS been about image.
Personally I’m happy about it (mostly) I do have my gripes ( I am grumpy ) but I’m glad people are loving the music and enjoying what some of us now older folks put together when we were in our youth and we had time on our side.
But…….. and there is always a but. ( with me )
I don’t want to try to “compete” with the younger generation. No, I like being older. I like the experience level, yeah OK someties I feel a bit out of place in a club full of 20’s but when I play all that goes away. Then it’s just me and them, same as it always was, music keeps you young.
So, if you book me for an event, or podcast or anything that requires a picture, or vid or image, PLEASE use the most current ones. Don’t use the old ones from Google. I don’t look like that anymore. My hair is grey, I have a few extra pounds, more lines on my face. I’m older.
I don’t want to have to explain to some young kid why I don’t look the same as my flyer picture, it’s fucking embarrasing. I have had it before, I actually kind of got really slagged off in a club by a group of guys who thought it was funny to dig me about the fact that I didn’t look like the image on the flyer. It really hurt me for months after.
Fuck that. Fuck people who do that too. We can all enjoy each others company without shaming, especially about age or weight or looks, something over which you often have very little control.
So yeah. I’m an older guy in the techno scene and I’m proud of it. I’m 53, my most recent professional promo pics were in 2016 ( yeah I know they are old I do have some more recent but not professional ones ) I will get some more done soon, Please represent me in my current state as who I am now, not fom 17 years back. That person is gone. It is no longer me.
OK rant over.


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