We have two online stores, SPREADSHIRT and SPRING plus there’s merch on my D.A.V.E. The Drummer Facebook page which is linked to the Spreadshirt shop.


I used to sell T Shirts on Ebay but to be honest it was a load of hassle. That was a few years ago now. I was also, up until recently, using a plug in to embed my store from Spreadshirt live on this site, but it really never worked very well and I was constantly rebuilding the cache and reconnecting it. So i turned it off.

So for now all T shirts are taken care of by these two stores, I’m not sure exactly what the difference is, you might find shipping/prices better (or worse) for certain countries, The designs are the exactly same, but the shirts will be slightly different. I can’t attest to the quality of every single product but I have bought shirts and caps from both of them myself (at full price) and I find them to be good quality, hard wearing, comfortable, fit well, and the print stays intact for a good long time.That’s my honest opinion.

The beauty of using these stores is that as a customer you can alter the position of the design on the shirt yourself, by using the shirt design tool and moving it about. and of course you have a much wider choice of colours styles and sizes. I could never hope to stock that amount of stuff so it’s a no brainer really.

NOTE: All returns and shipping are dealt with by these online stores. Please don’t ask me to intervene in the event of a problem, If they don’t ship to your country that is their decision, and I’m sorry for the inconvenience. As far as I know, everyone so far has got their orders promptly and in excellent condition. It’s very rare to have complaints.



Hydraulix records has been running since 1998. We are now up to release 152 and more are on the way. there are so many artosts who have contributed their amazing work to this label


Apex is the deeper darker sister label for Hydraulix. The label is now restarted and is already beginning to make waves in the world of techno. releases by some great artists are coming


Weird and wonderful, dark and mysterious. Mutate to Survive started during the minimal explosion of the 00’s it is a slow burn label which is just getting going again.


We send out sporadic and sometimmes useful information about parties gigs and new releases. if you want to stay in the loop sign up here. We will not abuse your inbox, promise.

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