We have been running hydraulix since 1998. It started life as part of the Stay Up Forever collective and was initially vinyl only. The releases were only named by their catalog numbers. As time has gone on, the label is now mostly digital with some sporadic vinyl releases on Bandcamp.


Started in 2002 with the first couple of releases being pretty big players. The label was again vinyl only, but because if time limitations has had periods of rest. Now picked up by a new label manager Apex is back, firing on all cylinders, digital format only at the moment but the possibilty of vinyl is always around the corner


Started in 2005 with Pattrix, MTS was running on vinyl through Intergroove until the big vinyl crunch came and the label went dark for a while. It has released a string a deep techno E.P.s and will be back for another round of electronic music from all genres. Digital only so far.


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