SLAM (Soma)

The legendary SLAM from Glasgow pretty much kick started the UK techno scene with their classic “Positive Education” on their own SOMA imprint. Slam were also responsible for releasing the first Daft Punk 12” to an unsuspecting world. Thomas Bangalter slept on their sofa in the early days, it doesn’t get much more legendary than that. We are absolutely over the moon that we managed to convince them to come and play for us.

SLAM have had a steady stream of top notch releases on Soma, with support from DJs from all genres and age groups from their own dark dystopian techno to deeper more hypnotic tech, Slam bring their unique techno style to Hydraulix and to Fold for the first time.

We’ve been huge fans of Slam since their beginning and it’s an honour to have the boys from Glasgow play a 2 hour set for us.

ANNÉ (Hardgroove/Symbolism,Soma)

Anné is making some incredible techno records at the moment. Killing dance floors with a super technical 4 deck DJ set. With releases on Ben Sims’ Hardgroove imprint as well as Slam’s Soma label.

Her tough tribal sound has been a permanent fixture in our DJ sets we can’t wait for her to unleash her 4 deck skills on the infamous Fold sound system.


Finishing what we started for the Cluster 100 party, we thought it was about time we revamped our 4 deck set for a special Hydraulix style 4 decks back to back. 

Expect 3 hours of rumbling techno and driving acid on both vinyl and digital some old some new the plus odd classic.


Rachel needs no introduction, head honcho of Loud By Design Booking agency and singlehandedly dealing with booking many of Londons top acid techno DJs all over the world.

Rachel has been a leading light on the scene for many years, now living in Portugal she’s be bringing her acidic old school flavoured vinyl DJ set to Fold for the first time.

ACERBIC ( Exclusive! )

Otherwise known as Chicagoloop or Anthony Wilson in a previous life. Ant has wound the clock back a bit and developed a new sound with a new name, the style is fast and ravey, with some old school flavours and top notch production as we have always come to expect from his previous incarnations.


This is his first DJ set under his new guise. We already have a few tracks scheduled for release on Hydraulix so this is a perfect opportunity to bring Ant over and get him on the decks for a premier of this new style.


Owner of Khazad records, Rogue Puppet events and producer of many banging percussive techno tunes. With huge releases under his belt on Hydraulix, Soma and many more Balrog will be with us for a special set of hard fast heavy loop driven techno.


Deborah aka Cinquedea has been busy recently, remixes and tracks are beginning to flow from her studio in Dublin Ireland and now she’s kicking off a DJ career that is surely going to end in global success, we are very excited to have her here to play her hard techno/industrial sound for us.


Dark, brooding, relentless…
SKiRRA was born from an obsession with Hard and Industrial techno. A true blend of hard, aggressive percussion, haunting synth lines and energetic presence, solidifying his name in the underground techno circuit.
Having collaborated with such infamous names as D.A.V.E. The Drummer, Sopik, Natalino Nunes, Ayako Mori, Resistohr and more, SKiRRA doesn’t shy away from a challenge, as he has quickly risen to the ranks of one the best modern techno producers around.
With numerous Top 10 releases in Hard Techno, as well as industry support from some of Techno’s biggest names such as D.A.V.E. The Drummer, Mark EG, Danny Tenaglia, Cristian Varela, Natalino Nunes, Fatima Hajji and A.P. to name a few, SKiRRA’s is fast becoming a name of recognition, both in the studio and also on the Hard Techno club circuit. SKiRRA’s focus is firmly on delivering consistent, best quality hard, aggressive Techno music that will erupt dance floors globally. SKiRRA is for the misfit, the outcast, the downtrodden, the corrupted …SKiRRA is the underground at its purest.


Spanish DJ and producer Lau.tastic has a sound that is dominated by hard kicks and industrial hardcore techno vibes. She’s been playing for some of Londons top underground nights and after watching her play a few months back we had to invite her to Hydraulix.

JAY TOMMY (Tommy Trax, Hydraulix)

Back for more wonderful vibrations, the young lad from the north Jay Tommy has played for us twice and every time he has been incredible. heruns his own imprint Tommy Trax and has recently had a storming release on Hydraulix.


Michaela runs Birminghams premier underground techno event “Collide” and we have worked together several times in the past. Michaela’s sets are pretty legendary, she is always great on the decks playing hard techno in a deeper vein with great choices of tracks and slick mixing skills.


Michaela is an absolute must for any self respecting underground techno event.

SYBER SYMON (Hydraulix)

Simon is just one of this techno DJs you can always trust, his closing set at Hydraulix 2 years back was a thing to behold and we and super happy to include him once again on the line up here.


One of the original London Squat Party DJs from the 90s, Simon picks his music very carefully and we know from experience that he will always tune into he needs and the vibe of the dancefloor.

Our events are always completely open to all, no judgement, no bullshit, no hate vibes, in keeping with the ethos of Fold and the real spirit of clubbing. We fully support the LGBTQ community and our crowd has always integrated so well with each other from so many different scenes and backgrounds.

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