An absolute legend, from Rotterdam Speedy J (real name Jochem Paap) has been involved in producing and playing some of the words best techno music since the very early 90s. Starting off with releases on Sheffields Warp records and Richie Hawtin’s Plus 8 records, Speedy J made a huge name for himself as being a producer of quality electronic music from day one. Since then Speedy J has been involved in a multitude of projects most recently STOOR, a project that started as live sets being streamed and mixed together during lock down using the Discord platform which has culminated in some incredible live shows with other STOOR regulars such as Surgeon and Lady Starlight at the Paradiso in Amsterdam during the ADE weekenders. We are absolutely honoured to have Speedy J with us playing his Hybrid DJ/ Live set.

AIDA ARKO (techno germany, soma, suara)


Aida Arko, an Iranian-born electronic music producer and DJ, has become a prominent figure in the techno scene. Influenced by the Persian underground scene and her cultural heritage, Aida left her academic pursuits in biology to embark on a global journey in performance and music. After years of touring with Cirque de Soleil, she settled in Austria in 2016 and focused on her true passion – music.

As a strong advocate for women in the industry, Aida expanded her creative influence by launching her brand Scoville, organizing events and showcasing labels with plans to release music and podcasts. Scoville’s first club night at Grelle Forelle demonstrated her ability to merge her energetic personality with the serious nature of techno music.

Aida Arko’s undeniable impact on the techno scene is a testament to her innovative sound and relentless passion for music. As she continues to challenge the status quo, she remains an inspiration to women in the music industry and beyond.

We met Aida at a gig in Paris, she blew us away with her amazing set and infectious personality. So once back home we investigated her music productions and discovered a fantastic back catalog of amazing techno tracks. Aida has recently jumped off the scale and is in huge demand at some of the worlds biggest techno events and clubs, so we are super happy that she agreed to come and play for us.





This year we thought it could be a great idea to bring two of our favourite women together to play a back to back session in the main room. It’ll be an incredible set no doubt about that in our minds at all!

Welcome back Irelands Cinquedea, who played a killer set last year in the steam room and has been responsible for some storming releases on Keep On Techno as well as an upcoming release on Hydraulix. Also Michaela Collide from Birmingham has been running regular parties including a sold out Collide festival happening in the summer this year. When we contacted them about this idea they both said that they had played together before and loved it, they both have their own style and we all agree the blend will be amazing, we can’t wait to see what they pull together.



Top chef and oven demolition expert Marcello Perri has been on board the Hydraulix bus since the very early years, initially Marcello was involved in organising the first Hydraulix events back in 2010 when he was living in London and playing regularly at underground events as well as releasing collabs with D.A.V.E. The Drummer on Hydraulix.

Since then Marcello has moved to Colombia and continued working on techno tracks with Cristian Glitch, we are super excited that he can be with us once again to bring his unique energy to the party.


JAY TOMMY (Tommy Trax, Hydraulix)


Back for more wonderful vibrations, the young lad from the north Jay Tommy has played for us twice and every time he has been incredible. heruns his own imprint Tommy Trax and has recently had a storming release on Hydraulix.



Born and raised in the northern parts of Sweden, Markus Axelsson aka MarAxe, fell in love with the acidhouse and technoscene in the late 80´s. He quickly started to produce his own material together with a friend and they had some minor local success at the time. During this period he had become an established deejay with a recidency at the local clubs. After a few years he went his own way and evolved his production skills.

His productions are driven and hard and he has had a slew of releases entering the top 100 Beatport techno chart. Tremor Ep, released on digital and vinyl from Rawsery records, made nr 1 on the Junodownload bestseller chart in spring 2022. Mid 2022 he co-founded the techno label STØK Recordings together with CC Luna and Hector Da Rosa.

Today MarAxe releases on on a variety of labels such as Dolma rec, Hydraulix, Eclipse recordings, Naked Lunch records, Ithica Obscur, Dreizehn Shallplatten, Combine Audio, Equation Recordings just to name a few and his music has gained support from Dj Rush, Amelie Lens, Rebekah, Lester Fitzpatrick, Ayako Mori, Ellen Alien and many more!






Aldanya has established herself as a prominent versatile techno artist and continues to impress by unleashing full-power female energy performances.

Her vision encompasses the concepts of freedom and liberation. In a world governed by imperialism, she transcends the ideologies of standardisation and “fitting in a box”. Delving into the abundant musical varieties over time, she channels her own vision into captivating and elevating sets.

As a mainstay behind the decks, she guides the dancefloor with high-impact, high-energy techno grooves. She doesn’t limit herself to one style and combines techno in its multiple textures. Staying true to herself, she doesn’t follow trends but rather continuously renews and refines herself as an artist by pushing her own limits and exploring new musical patterns. Her distinctive approach, yet with a pure and passionate mindset, has led her to dominate the dancefloor of institutions such as Fabric, and other established London clubs such as The Steelyard, Village Underground, Electrowerkz, Cell 200 and Werkhaus – to name just a few.

“Like the amazonian jungle can awaken our primal instincts, techno music can infuse an organic inner force connecting us with our higher self.” After releasing her first track on Fluctuat records’ VA RAVE 4 WOMEN, she is working on exciting new projects and releases.






No Bullshit, Hard Underground sounds only.

Simon Jones aka Syrus the Virus is a DJ/Producer of industrialised hard techno. He was interested in Hard Techno music from a young age and started playing the decks at 13yrs old. He progressed through many genres but always found himself back at his roots of hard techno! Syrus’s main love and passion is for the Underground Techno and Free Party scene. His DJing career shot up after his releases on tier 1 techno labels in the past few years. 

Producing his own music started around 2019 when he built his own studio and started studio sessions with legend D.A.V.E. the Drummer. From there his music progressed and he had his first release on Stay Up Forever Records & Hydraulix in 2022 and many more great techno labels in 2023 & 2024. 

Expect some in your face hard techno to satisfy your mind body and soul.








Lovely Jack Majic, he’s a pleasure to watch on the decks and a fantastic producer to boot. Rising up from the underground, Jacks enthusiasm for the free party scene is well known and he’s graced the decks at many free parties around the UK, he was an obvious choice for Hydraulix and we are really glad he’s going to be with us for this epic party.





HAMATON3 (Keep On Techno)


Since breaking into the scene in 2019 Hamaton3 has swiftly made an impact in the world of Techno.

His sound is innovative, exciting, and more importantly, made for the dancefloor. The music is driving, powerful and sometimes with a dark and sinister edge.

His breakthrough came in early 2021, on the back of releases on Global Music Records, Urban Chaos and Rehabilitation, when his Us EP was picked up by Keep On Techno records. Knowing that they had found an original sounding new artist he was quickly asked to join their in-house team.

Their decision was rewarded as he quickly racked up several high selling originals and remixes for them. He remains a valued part of the team now and his music consistently charts highly on Beatport. Not just a one label artist though he has seen his work picked up by labels like Refined Format, Pure Dope Digital, Ganzer Takt and Torchmood with other requests coming in thick and fast.

As a DJ, he can be seen regularly on live stream providers like Eat, Sleep, DJ Repeat, Virtual DJs and has a bi-weekly two hour show on House-tech Radio and Beyond radios dirty sessions.






Isa Alkaline, a São Paulo native, immersed herself in the techno party scene in 2006, starting her DJ journey the same year. Currently based in London, she’s been a fixture at parties and festivals (The Beat Goes On, Boomtown), electrifying audiences with her dynamic sets. In 2020, Isa broadened her musical horizons, delving into electronic music production. While her love for acid techno is evident, her style, as her name suggests (Alkaline), encompasses a variety of techno subgenres beyond acid. Known for delivering infectious beats with sets full full of heavy groove, fat basslines and 303s.






If you are into Techno Music, you may have already come across one of D.A.V.E. The Drummer’s records.

Hailing from London’s illegal warehouse party scene that exploded in the 90’s, DJ & producer D.A.V.E. The Drummer started the label Hydraulix in 1998 as an output for his own production ideas. The label intended to bridge the gap between the acid techno of his previous productions and a darker style of techno that D.A.V.E. was experimenting with in the studio.

Recent DJ sets from D.A.V.E. Have appeared on his You Tube channel where he and his wife recorded a set every Sunday during lockdown, the “SUNDAY SESSIONS” became really popular during this time, with a wide group of people tuning in every week to watch D.A.V.E., blending together a 2 hour DJ set with some comical chatter and Justine’s psychedelic VJ skills. D.A.V.E. has also recently appeared on the HÖR channel on You Tube




Our events are always completely open to all, no judgement, no bullshit, no hate vibes, in keeping with the ethos of Fold and the real spirit of clubbing. We fully support the LGBTQ community and our crowd has always integrated so well with each other from so many different scenes and backgrounds.

ORIGINAL PHOTO ID IS 100% MANDATORY ( no copies sorry )



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