Apex 21 - Samson E.P.- Victoria.52 & Mr.CRLS

A brand new artist with a big release.

Benjamin Herblin & Guillaume Crolais are Victoria.52 and Mr.CRLS
They are from Angers in France, with an incredible sound.

Their tracks have already received several plays from Joseph Capriati, plus support from Laurent Garnier, Thomas Heckman, Coyu and more.
We are proud to have this release on Apex recordings.


Is a DJ / Producer coming from Angers, France. Self-taught producer, he has many facets. Villa Schweppes BPM 2016’s finalist, Musart Concept Label’s resident DJ, he shared the DJ booth with artists as Charles Fenckler, Squaric, Ben Klock, Fjaak, De Sluwe Vos, Benales, DJ Leax, Chambray, Marst, Quentin Schneider..

His universe oscillates from a dark and raw techno to a melodic one. His DJ sets are specific and efficient which allowed him to play in Angers, Nantes, Rennes, Tours, Paris, Biarritz, and even in Chongqing, China.

In 4 months, his production have attracted the interest and the support of several renamed labels as Selected Records, Gabriel d’Or’s label, or Reload Records, Yellowheadz’s label.

New releases are coming on 2017 : one EP on Reload Black Label (the Yellowheadz), one EP on Driving Forces Recordings (Sutter Cane) and one EP on Apex (Dave the Drummer).

We can find on those labels some of the best techno DJ/Producers : Sam Paganini, Timmo, The Advent Skober, The Yellowheadz, Enrico Sangiuliano, Electric Rescue, Roberto Capuano, Frankyeffe, Iregular Synth, Krenzlin, Sasha Carassi, Spartague, Skober, or The Reactivitz, to name but a few.

Those artists follow today Victoria.52’s work, who will go on doing his music.
To be continued.


Since the 90’s, Mr. CRLS has spent most of his time fully involved in electronic music. He quickly discovered his passion to dig vinyls and to compose DJ sets.

A fan of House and Acid House in his beginnings, Mr.CRLS has made his selection by exploring the universe of techno. he presents hybrid sets mixing vinyl and digital. He delivers performances at the border between the techno beat and the groove of house music.

he defends the values of DJ’ing by taking inspiration from the rules of yesteryear: the ear and the selection.

His productions are undeniably techno, rhythmic and captivating. Mr.CRLS has released a two track EP on the Mafd series of Musart.