Hydraulix 100


Social Networks Steal Your Soul

Grab it on Beatport here


Well here we are folks!

Hydraulix has finally made it to release 100!!

This Six track E.P. by D.A.V.E. The Drummer is now out on Beatport, will soon be available on Bandcamp, Juno and Traxsource.

Six dark no nonsense techno tracks headed straight for the dance floor, huge support from Perc, Manni Dee, Shlomo, Jon Connor, A.P. Mark Neenan, Pet Duo,

Keep your eyes open for Vinyl and Video, both coming soon.

Social Networks Steal Your Soul

An ode to social media and a warning to us all (myself included) to be careful about how much social media controls our minds, no it’s not conspiracy, it’s just the fact that we are being invaded by information every second of everyday and it’s a lot to take in! Beware.

One Trick Pony

Harsh industrial rhythms pound until an old school riff takes over.

It Was too Dark

Hard kick drums in your face with a deep heads down arrangement


Acid dirty filthy evil acid, grinding acid techno with the little silver box singing his little heart out!

Look What We’ve Become

Rolling claustrophobic bass groove with synth pulses and reverberated hoovers.

Meat Grinder

Dark grinding rhythms with an incessant driving synth riff, giving it a Ravey edge with subtle acid squelches.

Hydraulix Remixes 12″ Pink Vinyl

We thought it might be nice to put some of the remixes from past Hydraulix releases on vinyl. We always put a lot of effort into doing remixes for people, some come out really well, so we decided to pick the best ones and get them on a 12″ for all you vinyl heads out there.

Hydraulix 172

The legendary hardcore team of Lenny Dee and Malke needs no introduction.
Playing a hybrid live hardcore techno Dj/Drummer set for many years together, they now turn their attention to the studio and crack out two completely killer banging tracks!