Hydraulix 102


Hydraulix 102 - Stop Raping Goats E.P.

The amazing Stop Raping Goats E.P. By @Alen Merdan is out now
Three stomping tracks with a unique style and an original sound.
Dark pounding drums offset by razor sharp sci fi synths Squelchy acid goodness in the track Ti I Tamo Esid.

Check it out.






Rising star from Croatia, Alen Merdan hits us with three incredible tough techno tracks. Stop Raping Goats and Losing Touch With Reality are both based on a driving distorted kick with unique sequenced synth riffs winding their way through an incessant beat making a marching, floor melting, mind melding experience. Tu I Tamo Esid is a dark driving acid track with dark strings giving it a Detroit feel but with a distinct Euro edge.

Welcome to Hydraulix Alen.