Hydraulix 127


Hydraulix 127

Catalog : HYDRO127
Release Artist : Marcello Perri, Christian Glitch
Release Title : Forward Motions E.P.
Release Date : 14 Feb 2022
Total Time : 13:46
Record Label : Hydraulix
Written By : Christian Glitch, Marcello Perri
Produced By : Christian Glitch, Marcello Perri
Publisher : Copyright Control
P Line : 2022 Hydraulix
C Line : 2022 Hydraulix



Dynamic DJ Marcello Perri who recently decamped from the UK is now living in Colombia and has teamed up with Colombian techno star Christian Glitch for this superb stomping techno track. Coupled with a remix by Hydraulix label slave D.A.V.E. The Drummer we have 2 high octane tracks ready to damage the floors of the clubs across the world. Let’s go!