Hydraulix 135


Hydraulix 135 - Dowdzwell - Bushido E.P.

Back for another session on Hydraulix Dowdzwell hits us straight in the goolies
with a 3 track EP of darkest grittiest techno. Beast mode on.

Catalog : HYDRO135
Release Artist : Dowdzwell
Release Title : The Onslaught E.P.
Release Date : 20 Jun 2022
EAN : 5054286675020
Run Time : 21:13
Record Label : Hydraulix
Written By : Danny Dowsdswell
Produced By : Danny Dowsdswell
Publisher : Copyright Control
P Line : 2022 Hydraulix
C Line : 2022 Hydraulix


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Hydraulix Remixes 12″ Pink Vinyl

We thought it might be nice to put some of the remixes from past Hydraulix releases on vinyl. We always put a lot of effort into doing remixes for people, some come out really well, so we decided to pick the best ones and get them on a 12″ for all you vinyl heads out there.

Hydraulix 172

The legendary hardcore team of Lenny Dee and Malke needs no introduction.
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