Hydraulix 151


Hydraulix 151

H! Dude is a name that has been storming the Beatport charts for some years now and quite rightly so, he has releases a steady stream of utterly mind-blowing tracks, with his own distinct style featuring cut up glitched rave sirens and voices and belting drums he has always been on the bleeding edge of the hard techno productions styles, being an influencer rather than a follower, many have tried to imitate but no one does it quite like this.

This release is no exception, alongside Alex B H! Dude makes a welcome return to Hydraulix and suitably turns up the heat for a stunning 3 track E.P. entitled Joker. Check it out.


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WOW! WHAT A PARTY! Everyone played incredible sets, Fold was rocking from beginning to end! There was just so much vibe in both rooms, the boiler room style set up in the steam room was amazing and the main room was jam packed all night until the sun came streaming...