Hydraulix 158


Hydraulix 158 - BENJI303 - Control The Funk E.P.

Catalog : HYDRO158
Release Artist : Benji303
Release Title : Control The Funk
EAN : 5054287465101
Release Date : 07 Jul 2023
Total Time : 13:25
Record Label : Hydraulix
Written By : Benji Tobin
Produced By : Benji Tobin
Publisher : Copyright Control
P Line : 2023 Hydraulix
C Line : 2023 Hydraulix

Benji303 is normally a go-to name for acid techno.
With tons of great vinyl releases on many of London and the UKs leading acid labels
such as Stay Up Forever and on his own imprint 303 Alliance, benji has been skillfully crafting his tracks fotr many years now.
Here we have Benji firing on all cylinders with a more techno styled track. Layers of funk and a superb lead synth line gives this track it’s deep, but heavy groove, perfect for those of us who like our techno stripped back and funky!!

Welcome to Hydraulix Benji!!!


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