Hydraulix 160


Hydraulix 160 - D.A.V.E. The Drummer & Jerome Hill

Catalog : HYDRO160
Release Artist : D.A.V.E. The Drummer, Jerome Hill
Release Title : Jeromahome E.P.
EAN : 5054287597857
Release Date : 08 Sep 2023
Total Time : 19:43
Record Label : Hydraulix
Written By : Henry Cullen, Jerome Hill
Produced By : Henry Cullen, Jerome Hill
Publisher : Copyright Control
P Line : 2023 Hydraulix
C Line : 2023 Hydraulix

It’s been over 20 years since the release of their last collaboration!

Firm friends for many years, after playing on the London squat party scene together many times in the 90s, DJ schedules and distance have meant it’s been hard to get into the studio to collaborate, Until now.

Although they have completely different styles, for this E.P. they have tried to blend their trademark sounds together to make a hybrid of DTD’s hard techno vibe and Jerome’s quirky left of centre techno approach.

The results are two very different tracks.

Title track, Jerome-A-Home is the harder of the two, with deep rumbling almost industrial kicks, sharp percussion and a driving hypnotic chord pattern.

Wormal Distortion is a more ‘Don’t’ flavoured track with R2D2 synth bleeps over a deep booming 808 style drum work out.

DTD brings Wormal Distortion into different territory with a more uptempo ‘ghetto’ style remix based around a driving 808 and funky Moog bass line, and introducing a small vocal snippet.

Check it out.


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WOW! WHAT A PARTY! Everyone played incredible sets, Fold was rocking from beginning to end! There was just so much vibe in both rooms, the boiler room style set up in the steam room was amazing and the main room was jam packed all night until the sun came streaming...