Hydraulix 167


Hydraulix 167 - Luca Pointzero - The Viper E.P.

Catalog : HYDRO167
Release Artist : Luca Pointzero
Release Title : Viper E.P.
EAN : 5054287828760
Release Date : 05 Jan 2024
Total Time : 14:30
Record Label : Hydraulix
Written By : Luca Palese
Produced By : Luca Palese
Publisher : Copyright Control
P Line : 2023 Hydraulix
C Line : 2023 Hydraulix

Luca Pointzero has been travelling the world over the last few years, Originally from Italy he spent many years living in the UK and got involved in the London underground techno scene there, organising parties and DJing as well as starting his production journey. Now based in the USA Luca has lived in Vegas and San Francisco working his way around the country and producing bomb techno tracks as he goes. He has had a string of releases and remixes on SUF and other London based acid labels and now we welcome Luca to Hydraulix with two storming tracks which sit between acid techno and techno. A hybrid of styles which rock the dancefloor everytime.


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WOW! WHAT A PARTY! Everyone played incredible sets, Fold was rocking from beginning to end! There was just so much vibe in both rooms, the boiler room style set up in the steam room was amazing and the main room was jam packed all night until the sun came streaming...