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Resistohr - The Splinter E.P.

Hydraulix is proud to bring you The Splinter E.P. by Resistohr.

When Anne Gelfei & David Merlino get together in their Berlin studio they produce some of the best hard techno tracks in the business, full of energy and most importantly Phonk! Both tracks are dark and hard, plus a remix by Hydraulix Label boss D.A.V.E. the Drummer.

In 2016, Real life partners Anne Gelfei & David Merlino, launched their new techno project, Resistohr.
A name which stands for: Resistance – meaning “freedom fighter” , and Ohr – the German word for “ear”.

The Brazilian DJ and producer team, who are now based in Berlin, have already played an important part in the electronic music scene for over 20 years. Resistohr is already receiving great feedback, after their official debut at the infamous German festival, Nature One.

In a short space of time, they have reached many different audiences with electrifying performances in some of the best clubs and festivals in Spain, UK, Italy & Hungary. The duo also host a bi-weekly techno night at Void Club Berlin, called “This Is Real Techno! And A Little Bit Harder”.

2017 has already been a huge blast for Resistohr, with the launch of their new Techno label – PHONK! – Which features many of their own studio productions and the debut of their weekly podcast and twin Techno nights, “Phonk”, which are held in both Berlin and Amsterdam. Because of this body of work Resistohr have also picked up sponsorship by top music equipment manufacturers, Novation.

Performing with 4 CDJ’s and 2 Mixers, gear and fx, dressed in cool shades, full of attitude and armed with music experience that has been finely honed over the last 20 years, Resistohr presents a complete show to the crowd, a feast for the senses.

Resistohr is 100% Techno!