Hydraulix 82


Allan Feytor - Hypnotisch E.P.

Allan Feytor is a Brasilian Techno artist living in Berlin.
He is also the owner of and main artist on Chromium Music and has had his productions supported by many well known artists.
He comes to Hydraulix with three great tracks.

Hypnotisch has a dark reverbed groove with ghostly percussion and some clanking industrial noises giving it a warehouse feel.
Jungle Bells is heavy and driving with 303 build ups and a nagging synth line that weaves its way through the track.
Finally Shades has a dark tech bassline which when combined with a light percusion rhythm that pushes the track into becoming a dark sonic weapon.

Finally to top it off we have a couple of remixes, the first by Diarmaid O’Meara from Gobsmacked records with D.A.V.E. from his bunker studio in Berlin, and the second by D.A.V.E. the Drummer in the punishment farm at home.

All tracks are designed for the dance floor. Welcome to Hydraulix Allan Feytor.