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Hydraulix 87

Carl Shorts has been a name on the techno scene for quite a few years now. He’s had several well received releases on some of the scenes most respected techno labels and has run a monthly podcast on Fnoob.

Here Carl brings his trademark sound to Hydraulix.

Deep and driving techno rhythms with an acidic lead synth line and vocal hook on ‘Break The Sound’. Bassy reverbed kick grooves with sharp 303 acid and reversed acid patterns on ‘Acidik’. We also have a remix of ‘Break The Sound’ from label boss D.A.V.E. The Drummer to add to the madness.

Welcome to Hydraulix Carl!

Carl Shorts is an electronic DJ and producer known for his unique sounding techno productions and for his preferred clothing of choice his trade mark shorts!

‘Born in England, Raised in Africa.’

UK born Carl Shorts, aka Carl Mann, made the move as a child with his family to Zimbabwe. It was here that Carl’s passion for music found an early outlet as a teenager when he started creating old school rave mixtapes off the radio in the 90’s and assisting his father, a local DJ (usually carrying all his gear!!).

Returning to the U.K. many years later, an array of successful business interests followed, largely within the construction industry. During a ‘DJ sesh’ with his brother, Carl decided he should try to follow his passion and set out to pursue a career in the music industry. A few years later, he enrolled on a degree course in ‘Digital Music’…it was time to turn his passionate hobby into a profession! It was during his studies he created his alias Carl Shorts, an appropriate stage name given the fact that he always wears shorts!

‘Talented, Up and Coming Music Producer.’

Carl has always had a strong passion for techno and although he is arguably still relatively new to the production side of techno, his unique production techniques have gone from strength to strength, enabling him to collaborate with other artists and fulfill remix requests from other artists and record labels. Carl has had releases on record labels such as Techno Legend Records, Ushuaia Music, Technobuse Records, Geometrik, Oxytech Records, Finder Records and soon to have an EP released on the mighty Hydraulix Records!

Notable achievements include his two track ‘Electric Revelation EP’ released in June 2018 on Ushuaia Music. Both tracks reached the top 30 in the hard techno Beatport charts and received cherished support from many techno DJs including Darmec and Wayne DJC.

Carl’s style of techno is often described as dark, bass orientated, underground, and on the heavier side of techno, with his tracks ranging from 128-132 beats per-minute. His releases are said to be full of carefully layered percussion, synths and FX giving his listeners that driving, underground techno club groove he is renowned for.

More recently Carl was invited to present his own monthly radio residency, ‘Darker Frequencies’, on the World renowned Fnoob Techno Radio, as well as presenting his own ‘Shorts Podcast,’ a monthly radio show on Soundcloud, enabling him to show-case his latest releases along with his carefully selected techno tracks from artists all over the globe.

Carl’s techno influences include, Jeff Mills, Chris Liebing, Emmanuel Top, D.A.V.E. The Drummer, Dave Clarke, Hardfloor, Aaron, Chris and Julian Liberator, Steve Shaden, Mark Sherry, the list goes on…!!

Hydraulix Remixes 12″ Pink Vinyl

We thought it might be nice to put some of the remixes from past Hydraulix releases on vinyl. We always put a lot of effort into doing remixes for people, some come out really well, so we decided to pick the best ones and get them on a 12″ for all you vinyl heads out there.

Hydraulix 172

The legendary hardcore team of Lenny Dee and Malke needs no introduction.
Playing a hybrid live hardcore techno Dj/Drummer set for many years together, they now turn their attention to the studio and crack out two completely killer banging tracks!