Hydraulix 88


Hydraulix 88

Matt Cubero comes to Hydraulix with a storming 3 track E.P. of dark pulsating beats and just right for the dancefloor.

Matt Cubero (Matej JuriË)
(Black Square Recordings, Yin Yang Records, Ushuaia Music, Blue Monkey Records, Vezotonik Records, …)

It all began, when he started to frequent an amateur studio in his home town. There he would observe his older colleagues at producing hip-hip beats and recording vocals. That seemed to spark something inside Matej, who would after that, at a bear age of 14 years, try himself out at the art of producing. Later on he would also start testing and using a mixboard. The time that followed had been filled with days of highly motivated producing, which led to the first contract signing and official release of his very own single, at the age of 16. After that he gained even more drive for his producing and has up until now released quite the ammount of singles along with some EP-s. His Tracks has already reached ‘Beatport top 100’ charts. His music is being played in live sets and podcasts by local as well as foreign Dj-s. As such his music could be heard on the Pure Ibiza Radio as well as Techno Live Sets, not to mention all the night clubs. Now he plays his own music at clubs and festivals.

Facebook: http://bit.ly/mattcubf
Beatport: http://bit.ly/mattcubeat
Youtube: http://bit.ly/mattcuyt
Soundcloud: http://bit.ly/mattcusc
Bandcamp: http://bit.ly/mattcubc
Mixcloud: http://bit.ly/mattcumix
Instagram: http://bit.ly/mattcuins