Hydraulix 92


Hydraulix 92

Crazy man turned personal trainer and all round workout guru Doormouse, put up this video about sample jacking.

Dave saw it and took the opportunity to put the vocal hook into a track he was writing and Sample Jacking Motherfucker was born!!

With evil crushing drums, serious squelchy acid licks and freaked out fucking vocals, Sample Jackin Motherfucker is a big one for Hydraulix.

Now out on Beatport, soon to be out on all other digital platforms and very shortly vinyl too.

Make sure you give time to the B side “Hey Trump” which is a little more restrained but has a dirty groove with a crowd cheering “Hey Trump you’re such a C…T”

Bad language is used throughout this E.P. and indeed the world.

If you don’t like swearing in your music that’s fine but fuck you.